Can You Hear God Speaking To You?

How do we hear God when we are at odds with others over what is right? For most of us, our upbringing plays a big part.

Spring Is In The Air

Prayer – Agent of Change Or Familiar Friend? I love change. Really, I do. I see it as an opportunity – to experience life anew, to think in a leaner way, to get rid of things that weigh me down, to start fresh, to learn and grow. Others hate change. They like the familiar, they […]

My Whole Self Before You

The Birth of A Child’s Prayer and Learning Guide. I was a young mother of two preschoolers. My oldest was nearing four years old and had the loveliest way of praying at bedtime. She would say things like, “I want to come see you, Jesus,” as if she was asking Him to invite her for […]

The Old School Magazine Pilot Program

65 Homeschool Beta Testers Respond Last year we were fortunate to partner with The Old School Magazine as we launched Weave Your Word In Me, our Bible study program for tweens. The Schoolhouse Review Crew is composed of approximately 200 homeschool families that love to blog about homeschool products. The feedback we received from 65 […]

The ABC’s of Bible Proverbs

My Favorite Bible Proverbs! Good advice from God — who doesn’t want that?! We know Solomon did, because he wrote a whole book packed full of wise sayings called “The Proverbs.” And I’m guessing you and your family would like some too! So I’ve taken the time to list 26 of my favorite Bible proverbs […]

Obedience Is Good for Your Bones

Don’t Be a Lazy Bones! Did you know that your bones need to be up and active during your teen years if you want to be strong and healthy for a lifetime? A recent study conducted by the University of British Columbia in Canada confirms this long-held belief — that weight bearing activity is necessary […]

Welcome to Our Homeschool Pilot Families

A hearty welcome to all our homeschool pilot families from around the country! Thank you for agreeing to be part of our Weave Your Word in Me pilot program through Old Schoolhouse Magazine. Your Bible study and prayer guide is in the mail! Let me tell you a little bit about us. Our Kid Niche […]

Quirky, Meaningful Relationships

Relationships. If there is anything to be learned from taking a closer look at the lives of Jesus’ disciples, this is it — meaningful relationships are what make life worthwhile. And it’s not the big things that make the difference, but the winks, the nods, the half smiles, the playful teasing, the nicknames, the intimate […]

Save Us From Terror

Unaware! We were unaware of the terror that was about to happen in Paris last night. Unprepared! We were unprepared for such random, yet coordinated acts of violence. Unable! We were unable to save the many victims. Why? Because human beings are not all-knowing; we are not all-wise; we are not all-powerful — and we […]

Customer Feedback

Hello Susan,

My son is so looking forward to digging in to Weave Your Word in Me (it looks like we won’t be waiting until the fall to start it).

Blessings and thank you again for providing a wonderful product and equally as wonderful service.

-Melissa in Yorba Linda, California



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